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Dharma, guilt and offence

tumblr_m6md9mo7c01r4p4ago1_500_large-244x300Dharma is in social terms is rightly expected social dutyof a person by others.   It may      differ from person to person.  A doctor should be responsible of saving the life of others,    parents should be responsible to bring up the children, soldier should safeguard the security of the country, and a politician should be responsible for the welfare of the people. Choice of our dharma should not be out of social pressure or just to make more money or to get more fame and recognition. One should intuitively identify his own dharma when he is not influenced by ego. The real dharma makes one happy, will not cause discomfort to others and one could contribute something good to the society. Psychologically the dharma is the basis of our personality. The challenge of the dharma (called adharma) from internally leads to feeling of guilt. Self-analysis of our actions distinguishes dharma and adharma. If the judgement is against oneself, feeling of guilt evolves and gives internal warning to stop and rectify the wrong actions. Offence is also an emotion evolves out of challenge on the value of dharma. Here the challenge is facing externally from another person or a situation. Here in this situation the person feels that he is a victim and expected ratification from other side. The situation leads to helplessness and manifest as anger or sadness.

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