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What is Smriti Meditation?

What is Smriti Meditation?

Smriti meditation is a guided interactive therapeutic meditation technique. It is an easier and effective method to guide patients to deep consciousness to reveal the etiological factors of their own illness. This recognition will be a partial solution to their emotional and physical problem which helps in the healing process. Smriti meditation assists even an inexperienced or ill person to overcome all the obstacles that prevent the path of progress to the ‘Samadhi’. In repeated practices of meditation when negative emotions settle down, mind become tranquil and the person transcends to more subtle layer of existence. In this state there is harmony between body and mind.


How to do Smriti Meditation?

Meditator is asked to lie in a sleeper/ semi sleeper couch in supine posture. Instructions are given to relax all the muscles starting from toe to head to attain a state of deep relaxation in comfortable pose. Then the guide starts an interaction with the meditator through detailed narration and discussion. During the process the person expands awareness of the environment, body postures, internal organs, function, thoughts and emotions through multidimensional observations. At the stage of swapna (subconscious) the guide directs the patient to recollect the experience of deep memories and attached emotions that are hidden in the subconscious. This helps to clean the negative emotions which block deep trance and thereby reveals the root cause of illness and aids in the healing process.

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